Text 14 Dec Conflicting Emotions

Bottled up they are.
Drives me to express them.
In poem, thus far.
No one to tell,
Or more conflict shall arise.
How shall I dwell,
On these emotions, I despise.

Quote 21 Nov
If you love a flower, don’t pick it up.
Because if you pick it up it dies and it ceases to be what you love.
So if you love a flower, let it be.
Love is not about possession.
Love is about appreciation.
— Osho
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Quote 9 Nov
You know when sometimes you meet someone so beautiful — and then you actually talk to them and five minutes later they’re as dull as a brick; but then there’s other people. And you meet them and you think, “Not bad, they’re okay,” and when you get to know them … their face just, sort of, becomes them, like their personality’s written all over it, and they just — they turn into something so beautiful.
— Doctor Who: Amy Pond
Quote 9 Nov
Imagine getting a new puppy. You can’t imagine any animal in the world being better than this one. It’s young, fun, cute, fresh, and loves you to bits. Now imagine you’ve been it’s best friend for ten years, developed your own private code/language with it, developed habits and mutual rules of respect, learned your boundaries, taught each other tricks and nurtured each other through sickness and health, spent every night together snuggled up in bed.
Do you still care that it’s not a puppy? No, because that’s a novelty. Novelties wear off. You love it because it’s your partner, it understands you, and you two are soul mates.
That’s what it’s like with a person, except that it goes deeper, and can last longer, because you share the same spoken and written languages and life expectancy.
Text 10 Oct 1 note Sometimes I wish you were mine

So I could tell you my dreams without it being awkward.

Text 24 Sep I just want a woman to love
Text 11 Jul My weird surreal dream last night.

  from what I can remember as far back as the dream went, Some guy, I think it was Marvelast or David Mendoza was hosting this giant party at the beach in what was this giant fenced in area, similar looking to a prison. I remember some guy who was resemblant of Adam Lawrences personality being there chatting with me the whole time. I remember coach Rob coming in yelling for the music to e turned down, and for him getting in trouble for saying the f word, n word, and some other word. It was such a crazy and hectic dream. And I remember talking with Adam and Rob after the party randomly ends and everyone leaves. Then, the sky starts to turn this reddish black with the clouds having the same pattern. I said something along the lines of wtf its going to rain, it has to rain, why at this time and so randomly and suddenly? Then i don’t remember how, but we somehow were at a diner or store or something which was nearby where we were. The area we were in was like a city and it reminded me of San Andreas. Ohh i got it, it was similar to how the town in laguna was right next to the beach. It was still reddish black for a while. I was telling him how my cousin waits in an alley literally across from us that you could see her from the window for her bf I think to pick her up and give her a ride home. I remember her seeing her once waiting there before the beach scene, this time as I was telling Rob (who btw has an older and less toned physique which is reminiscent to how I have lost my body tone) my cousin appears in the alley way with her other 2 friends wearing jeggings and ice skates…. yeah it was weird. Then we decided to walk across the street to ask if we could take them home, i think, for some reason we went to walk across the street to go see them. Just then, an ambulance comes around the block with its sirens on so fast that it almost hits a car and someone next to me, I think adam. Then I tell Rob, wait, their should be another truck coming. And he says I dont hear sirens. I say her bf comes in a firetruck to pick her up. Then, out of nowhere a firetruck with its siren comes around the corner so fast that we dodge it and it slides dramatically in front of the alley way as we stand in disbelieve. We wait for her bf to come out and all of a sudden I furious at him (who was some skinny mexican teen that was wearing “swag” clothes and shit). I was furious mostly because he had his sirens on while driving through the streets and that was illegal. So i picked him up by the collar and threw him on to this work bench that now I realize is from Skyrim and the open garage building we were in was the skyrim Blacksmith area. Anyways, as im threatening him, and basically rough housing him, i realize Justin is next to me, (not rob) and he’s the one rough housing him asking all these questions, I don’t remember the questions except for why did he have his sirens on and I was throwing him all over the room but not hitting him, just kept grabbing his collar and throwing him on the floor, table, walls. Then I finally get fed up pick him up, this guy has only been yelling for me to stop and gtf off him, i mad at how he was disrespectful and how he wouldnt answer my questions and he was telling me how he would take me to court but I threatened with im going to call the cops and tell them what he did by driving with his siren on without  an emergency. I kept yelling I dont see any fires here, and at the same time I was picking him up and bringing him back to the fire truck I was daydreaming of how I would defend myself in court AND I was looking at my cousin and her friends and they had a new woman that Im pretty sure was the guy’s mom and they were looking at me crying in disbelief. So I take the guy and tie him to the side of the firetruck and at the same time my cousin and her friends started to enter the enter truck and I told them what are they doing and they were going to drive off, and they were silent as I was saying her bf is tied to the side, you’ll get in trouble, but then they just took off and I saw justin in the truck cus it turned out he went in to stop them but took off before he could. I chased the truck or a bit then next time I remember Im walking down the beach shore its still the red orangish hue in air and sky, basically it looks like the color of when a volcano or great forest fire happens and the sky becomes red black orangish and the area that color too. And so I keep walking and next thing you know Im walking into the fire thats going on and as Im waking through these patches of fires, they start to surround me and as I turn around I see that Im blocked in, i start yelling for help, but then I decide to just run through the fire. As soon as I run through the fire, I have the HUD of minecraft with my heath as hearts and it starts to go down, im at 1 heart as Im walking through this now burning neighborhood and then i see the firetruck and my cousin’s bf in the sand/grass passed out or dead, but its apparent they were fighting the fire. My health is at health heart at this point, and Im grogginly walking over to he truck looking for justin as I’m starting to pass out with no health and I was clapping at the same time bcus I was proud of them for fighting the fire and to get their attention. I see justin come up to me but its Ezreal. I start to collapse and faint and tell him I need water or I’ll die. As I black out, I hear Ezreal’s voice say, dont put too much water on his mouth or he’ll drown/die. I remember feeling the water on my mouth and I started to wake up. But here’s where it gets weird. I’m waking up in my dream, on my bed and I was slowly waking up like eyes moving so slow to open. My arms were numb and I was afraid that they had been amputated. A the, I realized I was also waking up in real life. It was like a double waking. It’s hard to explain, but as I wake up in my dream I wake up in real life. It was so weird. AND as I was waking up, the sound Radioactive starts playing in my head (and it still is right now). Well theres my weird dream. I just woke up and got up to write this before I forget because it was such a surreal dream and I havent had one like this in a very long time, so by writing it down, I won’t forget. Fin.

Photo 21 Jun 1 note Homemade  cream cheese w/ bacon filled wontons and a semi-sweet peanut sauce. #fatfriday #newtrend? ;)

Homemade cream cheese w/ bacon filled wontons and a semi-sweet peanut sauce. #fatfriday #newtrend? ;)

Photo 25 May LoL All Stars at Taco’s house again, but nap time is in effect. #LoL #sleepytime #hashtag

LoL All Stars at Taco’s house again, but nap time is in effect. #LoL #sleepytime #hashtag

Photo 4 May Dawwww he’s so cute sleeeping.
Woops. I think he heard me….. D:

Dawwww he’s so cute sleeeping.
Woops. I think he heard me….. D:

Photo 28 Apr Its too damn hot today!
#youknowyouwantthis #youknowIwantcha

Its too damn hot today!
#youknowyouwantthis #youknowIwantcha

Text 18 Apr

Eventually, I’m going to burst and vent it all out. Idk how I have managed to keep going for the past few months now. But tonight, it hit me hard. I’m started to crumble. I’m scared. I don’t know what I’m doing. I’m lost and confused. I’ve turned away from Him each time I try I go back knowing that’s what I really need right now. I need motivation, determination, faith, hope, love. Something. Anything to get me going. Im trying. But not hard enough.

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Awesome K-Mart Commercial

One of the best ads you’ll ever see. Isn’t that right Billy? 

Photo 2 Mar 4am Donutman run with @hanstacotaco .
Bout to go hard in the paint on this dirty dozen!

4am Donutman run with @hanstacotaco .
Bout to go hard in the paint on this dirty dozen!

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